Problems after installing sawfish 1.6.0

Hi all,

first thanks for the wonderful new release of sawfish.

First, librep - as a prerequisite to sawfish - failed to configure as
config.sub was missing. As a circumvention i executed which solved the problem.

Second, having installed sawfish 1.6.0 there were problems with
sawfish's own pager as well as with the pager of the gnome-panel.

I used to work with four workspaces divided into two by two
viewports. If you have more than one workspace and you click on a
viewport of another workspace, windows get randomly moved around in
the workspace you left by the click on the pager. As a temporary
solution i switched to one workspace with 4 by 4 viewports. There
windows don't move, when you click on another viewport.
(BTW: this problem appeared in an older version of sawfish - but not
in gnome's pager! - and was absent until sawfish 1.6.0 - unfortunately
i've forgotten with which version the problem disappeared)

Third, the configuration of the sawfish pager shows no text for the
clickable configurations.

Fourth, there are some problems with emacs. With emacs 23.1 you can use
a daemon. Since sawfish 1.6.0 i've to give the --display option
explicitly, otherwise the daemon complains about the display although
the $DISPLAY environment variable contains the correct value. This
wasn't the case with sawfish 1.5.3 and previous versions. But this
took me some time to find it out.

Fifth, there is another problem with emacs, but this problem is not
anew. Starting a new emacsclient window thatwindow protrudes into the
next viewport at the bottom. Consequently i have to move it upwards.
This is a bit annoying.

Gerhard Kirchmann

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