Re: Problems after installing sawfish 1.6.0

Am Sat, 26 Dec 2009 21:21:00 +0100
schrieb Christopher Roy Bratusek <zanghar freenet de>:

> * Furthermore MetaCity was not ready back when. So Sawfish "survived"
>   until GNOME 2.2 ... they removed lots of options and functions from
>   SawfishConfig (SawfishUI back then) to make sure Sawfish looks as
>   feature free as MetaCity is and to begin to make it like that,
>   according so several old blogposts several functions even Sawfish
>   0.38 had were missing in 1.3 and therefore are still. Atleast
>   SawfishConfig (ex SawfishUI) is back the way it should be (mostly)
>   and Viewports are back (there's no room for such an usefull feature
>   in GNOME). For the other point I'm investigating usefull features
>   missing and re-integrate them, same for -mmc, though I hope that
>   Michal gets some time to post patches.

The most practical thing in sawfish was and is furthermore viewports,
they never really disappeared, as I could define them in .sawfishrc.
With sawfish 1.6.0 I deleted these definitions in .sawfishrc for they
are really fully back.
> I don't want to start another round of `Sawfish VS MetaCity' but, I
> just wanted to say that.
That was not my intention for I love sawfish!
Thanks for all who made sawfish such an indespensable tool!
Gerhard Kirchmann <gerhardkmn yahoo de>

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