Re: [PATCH] exit function

Am Sat, 05 Dec 2009 14:03:18 +0900 (JST)
schrieb Teika Kazura <teika lavabit com>:

> We've been terrible for suspend; after the function call, it comes
> back. So it should be

of course, sorry.

> (define (exit action)
>   (case action
>     ((reboot)    
>      (call-hook 'before-exit-hook)
>      (map-windows delete-window)
>      (system (format nil "%s &" reboot-command)))
>     ((halt)      
>      (call-hook 'before-exit-hook)
>      (map-windows delete-window)
>      (system (format nil "%s &" halt-command)))
>     ((suspend)   (system (format nil "%s &" suspend-command)))
>     ((hibernate) (system (format nil "%s &" hibernate-command)))))

O.K. I'll be commiting it now. But I've kept the group as "External


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