Re: Broken enter-exit focus behavior in 1.5.3

On Saturday 05 December 2009 05:41:48 sand blarg net wrote:
> With stock version 1.5.3, the Emacs window will keep the focus, even
> if the pointer is over the root window, or over an application
> window. With my custom function, focus will go to whatever window
> the pointer happens to be over.
> That's precisely the behavior I would expect for a
> focus-follows-mouse policy.

Other people, myself included, have different expectations.  Yours may 
be more common among users of enter-exit focus combined with pointer 
warping.  In contrast, enter-click mode is intended to be used without 
warping.  Then it is better that focus does not follow the pointer quite 
so strictly.

It might make sense to make enter-exit mode work like you suggest while 
keeping the other focus modes as they are now.

> I did notice while verifying the 1.5.3 behavior that focus doesn't
> always go back to Emacs when you release the mouse button over the
> root window.

There is that bug with enter-root not ignoring grab-related events.

	Timo Korvola		<URL:>

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