[IMPORTANT] Feature Freeze for 1.6.0

Hi all,

I justed wanted to say that the feature freeze for 1.6.0 begins NOW¹.

¹ = yeah ... one day later than expected

But still, if you have a feature addition, it may be included under the
following terms³:

* stable
* no regressions and such
* the approval of 2 *core*-team members²

² = Christopher Bratusek, Timo Korvola, Janek Kozicki, Guillermo S.
Romero, Teika Kazura.

³ = Only until the 20th Dec afterwards *nothing* expect doc/po-updates
or bugfixes will be applied.

I'll release sawfish 1.6.0 on the 22nd December. The released of librep
0.90.4 (OpenBSD fixups) and rep-gtk 0.90.1 (new stuff) will be done
some days earlier, but can't say the exact date at the moment.

... Should I release a RC now? Or are you all patient enough to wait
another 17 days?

Have Fun!

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