Re: sawfish development tools

janek_listy wp pl (2008-06-26 at 2256.42 +0200):
> Wow,
> quick summary:
>  - Timo: uses GIT mirror because he has no write access to SVN
>  - Scott: uses BZR for the same reason.
> Additionally I'd tell that Scott likes BZR more than Timo likes GIT.
> A surprisingly simple solution:
> - I will ask admins to create accounts for you both so you
>   get a write access. 
> - Later gnome will move to BZR which will make Scott more happy, than
>   it'd make Timo unhappy :)
> - we can couple that with giving you the access to
>   project page, just create your accounts there.
> how do you like it?

It seems fine, that way (for now) we keep more focused in improving
sawfish than in discovering what tool is better.

BTW, if you do not mind, I will go reviewing patches, if something is
obvious (one or two extra votes on top of creator one, simple change),
I will commit it.


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