Re: sawfish development tools

Janek Kozicki <janek_listy wp pl> writes:
> Would be great if you could just copy-paste the shell command to
> download a diff.

Unfortunately it takes a bit more than a single shell command.  You
need to make a local repository before you can do anything with Git.
Subversion allows you to compute diffs from a remote repository
without a local working copy but Git doesn't.

The setup should go like this
# Clone the svn repo.  This can take a long time.  Creates directory sawfish.
$ git-svn clone -s 
$ cd sawfish
# Assign a name to my repo and fetch all branches.
# Hope that they integrate with the svn clone.
$ git-remote add -f timo

If all goes well you can now use "git-svn fetch" to update from svn
and "git-fetch timo" to update from my repo.  You can compute diffs,
e.g., "git-diff trunk timo/icon-refresh".  It should also be possible
to do merges and other work with Git and push changes back to svn using
"git-svn dcommit" but I have never tried that: I have only used Git to
track projects where I don't have write access to svn.

There is a plethora of distributed version control systems available
these days.  My choice to use Git was more or less arbitrary - I have
no experience with the others and had none with Git before I started
to use it for tracking Sawfish.  Bazaar is claimed to be more user
friendly and that might well be true, although it has to be said that
gitk (the graphical history browser) rules.

	Timo Korvola		<URL:>

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