sawfish development tools

Looking at the mailing list today, I saw people mentioning things 
like "patches in the wiki" or patches floating around in 
bugzilla.  I'm guessing this is because sawfish uses svn, and 
it's a centralized revision system.

Is there any change of moving sawfish to a distributed revision 
control system?  It would probably help with all the patch 
management, and make it easier for people to contribute.

Any of git/hg/bzr would work fine, though I'd recommend bzr (with 
launchpad) as the most useful option.  It has systems to host 
code branches and merge requests, track bugs (and link them to 
specific code branches), handle user support, etc...

For example, if a user found a bug and wanted to fix it, they 

  - file a bug at
  - "bzr branch lp:sawfish"
  - fix the bug
  - "bzr commit --fixes lp:123456"
  - "bzr push lp:~myuser/sawfish/fix-for-bug-123456"
  - file a merge request

Then, the project admins can review the changes and 
approve/reject the merge, then mark the bug as fixed.  I know 
it's not ideal, but it seems a lot more manageable than posting 
patches in wiki articles and mailing lists.

-- Scott

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