Re: sawfish development tools

Scott Scriven said:     (by the date of Fri, 27 Jun 2008 00:58:41 -0600)

> > > There seem to be sawfish add-ons all over...  could we merge 
> > > these into a "contrib" area in the sawfish repository
> > 
> > that's an interesting idea.
> Personally, I'd like to put my tabbed windowing stuff into the 
> sawfish repository, though not necessarily into the core of the 
> source tree.  It's not really mature enough to be included by 
> default.

yes! this would be great. Tabbed windowing is one of our top-targets.

> And, I'd like to put other people's extra stuff into the same 
> place, though it'll take a while to find and organize everything.

great :)

> Anyway, that was probably way more detail than necessary.  I just 
> like to play with SCM tools, and this is a fun case to examine.  
> :)

thanks for analysis :)

OK guys. Looks like you will sit there wondering what to do, unless
I'll push you a little bit :) And that's what we need - more
developers with write access. It will speed up development process

So now you will go to and ask for
account. Give my email in there and gnome team will ask me for
confirmation. When John decided to give me write access it happened
exactly this way, and it took 2 weeks to wait for gnome team to respond!

Don't forget to attach your key. Here's the email I sent,
and you will need to write a similar one:

Janek Kozicki said:     (by the date of Sat, 30 Jun 2007 22:06:22 +0200)

> Hello
> I am requesting an SVN account for sawfish development. 
> The email address of current sawfish maintainer John Harper is:
>    John Harper <jsh unfactored org>
> He shall confirm my application.
> Full name: Janek Kozicki
> Permanent email address: cosurgi gmail com
> Requested account name: jkozicki
> The type of account you are requesting: 
>   Maintarneship of sawfish project.
>   John Harper has decided to step away, see message in the mailing list archive:
>   I will take care of this project. Eg. by considering whether I should 
>   allow someone else (current candidate is Ian Zimmerman) to join the
>   project to help with sawfish development.
> The public part of a passphrase protected SSH version 2 key pair:
>   File is in the attachment.

heh, and where is Ian? :) That was ... hey, that was almost exactly a year ago!

So now, Timo and Scott it depends on you if you will sent that
account request or not. But also Andrea and Christopher please feel
invited too! As I mentioned - GSR already has a write access and
doesn't need to send such request.

About moving to another repo (be it GIT or BZR), we will see how
things evolve. The current problem is that you don't have a write access
and it needs to be solved first.

Janek Kozicki

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