Re: how about releasing sawfish-pager 0.7 ?

On Mon, Jan 28, 2008 at 03:31:50AM +0100, Janek Kozicki wrote:
> [ sawfish-pager is unmaintained ]
> Luis, (BTW how to address you: Luis or Rodrigo?)

As Rodrigo, please.

> the current
> maintainer of sawfish-pager is Christian Marillat but I doubt that he
> will make a new .deb package if we make a new release. maybe you
> could take over the pager from him, just like you did with sawfish?

Well, I didn't so much take over from him, but take over after he
explicitely retired. He has made new releases for rep since then, so
he might still be interested in keeping -pager, too.

Since forceful takeovers are very much frowned upon in Debian,
probably the best way to handle the package would be to make the
community release and *then* ping him about it, offering my help in
updating or in taking over if he prefers.

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