Re: wheeling to shade on (titlebar) window border

On Feb 17, 2008 9:05 PM, Mike Hokenson <gnome gozer org> wrote:


> >
> >
> It's not with a maximized window, just one that's right up against the top of the workspace, not sure it's the same thing...

Ah, ok.

They decided to remove window borders only for maximized windows, on
Metacity the borders can be used to change window geometry. Another
thing I've noticed, if the window has a shape (curved corners), when
maximized the title bar changes to a square titlebar.

Anyway, here seems like the mouse pointer "hot spot" goes outside the
screen display area (on the top border) but to be sure i need to check
where exactly is defined in my current theme (DMZ-Black). I've spent
some time looking at cursors documentation and tried some (cursor)
themes editing utilities, gursormaker seems to work (more or less),
but doesn't want to open my installed theme...


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