wheeling to shade on (titlebar) window border


I've been working with Sawfish for the last few days and have pretty much figured out how to get everything configured the way I like and worked around odd things like Audacious' playlist window not remembering it's last position, but there's one issue that's troubling me... I can't (un)shade a window by wheeling over the top border.

My browser window isn't gigantic, but it's always in the way. Rather than minimize and use the menu or a toolbar to restore, I just shade and continue working. I've been using Openbox for years and it handles this fine (could be a special case), so it's really become habit - quickly move the mouse to the top of the screen, wheel, <key binding> to open a new xterm, finish work & close, wheel back browser, etc.

Could this be controlled with a variable I've missed, some scripting, or adjustments to my theme? My attempts to change simple items like button layout in FinalStep have gone horribly wrong, so I'd rather themeing be a last resort. :P



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