GIMP windows opening underneath eachother

Hi again,

I've pretty much finished converting the Icarus theme to match my Openbox style, but I noticed some odd behavior with GIMP in the process... Any time I open a file, the new window appears underneath the window I used to open it. File -> Open on the _main_ window's menubar causes the new window to open beneath the main window. Similarly, File -> Open on the menubar (or right click -> File -> Open) on an existing image window causes the new window to appear under that. It took me a few seconds to realize where the tiny window for the close button image went after opening it with the context menu on a much larger screenshot.

Any ideas? I'm using Sawfish 1.3.2 with under-pointer placement and enter-only focus, GIMP 2.4.4, and GTK+ 2.12.8 (all unstable Debian packages).



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