Re: wheeling to shade on (titlebar) window border

On Feb 17, 2008 6:37 AM, Mike Hokenson <gnome gozer org> wrote:


> My browser window isn't gigantic, but it's always in the way. Rather than minimize and use the menu or a toolbar to restore, I just shade and continue working. I've been using Openbox for years and it handles this fine (could be a special case), so it's really become habit - quickly move the mouse to the top of the screen, wheel, <key binding> to open a new xterm, finish work & close, wheel back browser, etc.
> Could this be controlled with a variable I've missed, some scripting, or adjustments to my theme? My attempts to change simple items like button layout in FinalStep have gone horribly wrong, so I'd rather themeing be a last resort. :P

If I'm interpreting this correctly (maximized windows, right?) it's on
my to-do list from basically forever. I haven't tried a lot of themes,
anyway i haven't found one yet that follows Fitts' laws: when a window
is maximized you can't activate a button on an edge (for example the
close button) moving your mouse pointer to the pixel at the corner of
the display, you instead must backtrack to avoid the theme's border.
The same with a scroll bar of a maximized window.

Metacity had the same problem:

I don't know what approach would be better, at code or theme level...


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