lightweight desktop: components?


first off, a short "Hello" to everyone out here - after switching to
XFCE years ago, I'm about to rediscover sawfish as a lightweight and
visually enjoyable wm on an older machine, which also does well with my
applications used (mostly GTK2 based). So far, however, window manager
just is one thing to make up a pleasant desktop, so to ask: What other
components along with sawfish do you use out there, mainly talking about

- desktop panel / tasklist / system tray,
- desktop background setting / configuration app,
- app for providing desktop icons (if any),
- visual file manager?

Thanks in advance for any hints, keep up the great work! :)

Kristian Rink * *
jab: kawazu jabber ccc de * icq: 48874445 * fon: ++49 176 2447 2771
"One dreaming alone, it will be only a dream; many dreaming together
is the beginning of a new reality." (Hundertwasser)

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