Re: Tabs bug: inactive tabs being overlapped

GSR - FR said:     (by the date of Mon, 18 Aug 2008 22:23:33 +0200)

> To sum up: I am not against tabs, what I am against is hacking it and
> then trying to fix all the issues caused by a really bad start. Call
> me old grumpy Sawfisher if you want, but I have clear that SF has to
> stand by itself for years to come, as everytime the "could we move to
> another with similar features (user extensible, ultra flexible)" topic
> appears, the replies lead to "no".
> As other have said, adding things, even marked experimental, raises
> the expectations, so better not paint us in the corner.

Can you propose something which would lead to adding tabs? Currently
we have a very simple problem:

1. Scott is working on tabs alone
2. nobody can help him, because his code is used only by three or four people.

My point is to get tabs into sawfish, so that whole community can test
and contribute patches.

IMHO the only way in which Scott could add it to sawfish (and he is
the only one who could add it) is to:

- add his tabs code in a way which is separated from the rest of code.
- I mean - try to not modify existing codebase, just add new files,
  and only modify few hooks.

By this way:
- more people will be able to poke with tabs

- which will eventually lead to total rewrite of those files that
  were first added by Scott (and the hooks should remain, and current
  codebase would still rather stay unmodified WRT to tabs)

This is how I see it, if you have any other scenario that might work
here - it would be really great. You know, the time limitations of
everyone involved is the main problem here. We need more people to
know about tabs, as more people means more time available.
Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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