Re: Tabs bug: inactive tabs being overlapped

* Fernando <ferkiwi gmail com> wrote:
> I think I've fixed this issue.


> maybe it is possible for the user to not want the window raised 
> after getting focus (although I'm not so sure if this is really 
> an option in sawfish..).

Yes, I use sawfish this way.  I don't want windows raised or 
lowered unless I hit a raise/lower button.

However, I don't think I have any reason not to keep each group 
stacked together.  If I raise one window in the group, I don't 
mind the rest getting raised (so long as their relative order is 

The same might go for lowering, but it would remove one useful 
side effect.  If I lower a window, the next most-recently-used 
window in the group will become visible.  But if they're lowered 
together, the entire group may disappear beneath some other 
window.  This is a really minor thing, though.

> I've attached here my version of the tab script.

I'll start testing the changes shortly.

> I've changed "tabgroup.jl" to use the already existing "window 
> groups" in sawfish.

Awesome.  I've been meaning to do the exact same thing.  I always 
wondered why the original author didn't use sawfish's existing 
window groups, but ... I've never really known what those window 
groups were for.

> I can't see how someone would ever want to use groups and tabs 
> simultaneously and independently (since groups are just like 
> tabs that are not attached to each other).

What do groups actually do?  Who uses them?

> ..or making a window match (e.g.  making all terminals be 
> tabbed/grouped right when they are created, just like fluxbox).

Interesting.  I can see a few useful things to do with that...

It would be very handy to make new windows go into the 
currently-focused group if the title (or part of the title) 
matches.  I have to manually group Dillo windows.

Anyway, this is good progress.  :)

-- Scott

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