Re: Tabs bug: inactive tabs being overlapped

* Fernando <ferkiwi gmail com> wrote:
> This is what i mean: 

The lower-right windows show something which is very unlikely to 
get fixed.  It's also not unique to sawfish.  Last time I tried 
fluxbox, for example, it had the exact same issue.  The problem 
(if it's a problem) is that windows in a tab group are not 
necessarily contiguous in the stacking list.  Or, other windows 
can be stacked between members of a tab group.

It generally causes no problems, other than looking a bit odd.

I suppose it's fixable, but would require one of two 

  - Put window group logic inside a lot of core functions, to 
    make sure nothing can ever get stacked in the middle of a 
  - Make large changes to how windows are drawn, so that the 
    top-most window also draws the tabs for its siblings.

The top-left windows just show that you can't currently have both 
a "title" area and a "tab" area in the same place.

I've been thinking about how to merge the tab area and title 
area, but haven't found any solutions yet.  I think this is 
something which needs to be fixed.

-- Scott

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