Re: Tabs bug: inactive tabs being overlapped

sawfish-list toykeeper net (2008-08-06 at 1748.23 -0600):
> > I can't see how someone would ever want to use groups and tabs 
> > simultaneously and independently (since groups are just like 
> > tabs that are not attached to each other).
> What do groups actually do?  Who uses them?

There are special commands and settings that work with them (,apropos
"group" as start). I would make tabs separate instead of overloading
groups to avoid things going nuts (imagine you want to group GIMP
windows, but not all in same tabset, but a couple of them).

> > ..or making a window match (e.g.  making all terminals be 
> > tabbed/grouped right when they are created, just like fluxbox).
> Interesting.  I can see a few useful things to do with that...
> It would be very handy to make new windows go into the 
> currently-focused group if the title (or part of the title) 
> matches.  I have to manually group Dillo windows.

That sounds like a new matcher option... IE, named tabs.


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