Re: Tabs bug: inactive tabs being overlapped

On Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 2:41 AM, GSR - FR <famrom infernal-iceberg com> wrote:
sawfish-list toykeeper net (2008-08-06 at 1748.23 -0600):
> > I can't see how someone would ever want to use groups and tabs
> > simultaneously and independently (since groups are just like
> > tabs that are not attached to each other).
> What do groups actually do?  Who uses them?

There are special commands and settings that work with them (,apropos
"group" as start). I would make tabs separate instead of overloading
groups to avoid things going nuts (imagine you want to group GIMP
windows, but not all in same tabset, but a couple of them).

Hmm.. I think you are maybe right. I didn't realized that there was a "when raise a window also raise its group"... this makes the whole group idea be worthy when you want to keep the stacking of groups of windows closely related, like Gimp, without sticking them together.

Abut the stacking thing of tabs... I think that using the focus hook is a dirty thing anyway. No need to update the stacking if it was not modified, it would be just a waste of resources.

That's why I've written a patch with raise/lower hooks:

The group raising functionality is "hard coded". well, I mean... it's checking with a (cond) what's the value of the stacking mode the user wants each time it makes a raise/lower. So I think the best option is to have the hook. Unless we wanna make the tabs a unseparable part of sawfish instead of a module.


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