Re: Tabs bug: inactive tabs being overlapped

GSR - FR wrote:
> Hi,
> janek_listy wp pl (2008-08-06 at 1808.46 +0200):
> [...]
>> We need a single function which goes through all windows and sorts
>> them according to tab groups. This function can be bound to some
>> hotkey combination. And we could simply invoke it by keypress to
>> clear the odd looking view.
> Better find a way that requires no resorting, specially manual
> kind. ;]

How slow could resorting be?  I would agree that manual intervention
would be a Bad Thing(tm).  We could probably hook a sort routing onto
the move/resize window-hooks.

It seems smart at this point to make what we have work instead of trying
to push deeper into the core to make it work.


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