Re: Tabs bug: inactive tabs being overlapped

janek_listy wp pl (2008-08-06 at 1808.46 +0200):
> We need a single function which goes through all windows and sorts
> them according to tab groups. This function can be bound to some
> hotkey combination. And we could simply invoke it by keypress to
> clear the odd looking view.

Better find a way that requires no resorting, specially manual
kind. ;]

> >   - Make large changes to how windows are drawn, so that the 
> >     top-most window also draws the tabs for its siblings.
> sounds too difficult for me :)

I thought it was done in a way like that, at least that is how I would
implement tabs, hide all windows except front one, and make sure it
knows which tabgroup it belongs to (like workspaces, but only one
group allowed per window), so it can draw all subtitles. And a
tabgroup (what is the name for that? tabset?) would override all per
window things like size, position, depth in stack, shade, etc. Maybe I
should look what you are doing currently. :]


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