Sawfish Release Candidate 1.3.4-rc1


Today I was digging through all patches submitted on wiki. I created
a new category "suspended patches", so that I won't look again and
again at "not rejected" patches that shouldn't go into current

Finally there are just 4 patches left, if you could have a look at
them, and vote - it would be great:

I couldn't make any decision about those 4 patches, because there
were not enough votes. Me alone is completely not enough to make a
decision about applying a patch. I need your help. You can also vote
{{suspend}} if you think that patch should wait for another release.

It wasn't easy to decide on each applied/rejected/suspended patch, so
to avoid any really stupid mistakes I decided to first make a release
candidate, and I hope that you will try it. In fact I applied more
than not just to provoke your response.

If you discover that something is wrong or some patch shouldn't be
applied in its current form - please let me know here and patch will
be unapplied or (hopefully) corrected. I will wait around a week for
your feedback, then make 1.3.4 release (depends on how fast you will
be testing 1.3.4-rc1 ;). is down now. I guess that it will be up in an hour or two.
Then I we can update the website about release candidate and add a
download link for it. But nonetheless you can already download it from:

I look forward to see your feedback on testing 1.3.4-rc1

PS: To see the list of accepted patches we need to wait until gets back online
Janek Kozicki

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