Re: Dual-head with one head rotated?

* Daniel M German <dmg uvic ca> wrote:
> * Omen Wild twisted the bytes to say:
> > Am I the only person trying to run sawfish with mis-matched 
> > screens?
> or who is bothered by it :)

For a while, I was using some dual-head systems and found it 
didn't work very well with sawfish.  The main problem is that 
sawfish treated it like a single, large display.  So, I set up 
Xorg in Zaphod mode and ran two independent copies of sawfish.  
It would have been nice to be able to move windows from one 
display to the other, but that feature wasn't worth the 

It would be nice if...

  - Sawfish treated all screen boundaries as window edges, so 
    functions to move/resize would stop when they hit the screen 

  - Sawfish detected "center" placement requests and put them on 
    the center of one screen instead of split halfway between two 

  - Sawfish had independent desktops and pagers for each screen, 
    so one screen could change desktops without affecting the 
    other.  Making everything on one screen "sticky" is not the 
    same thing.

  - Sawfish tracked which screen the cursor was on, and only 
    popped up new windows on that screen (unless they are 
    transients for a window on the other screen).

  - The sloppy-focus mode would keep focus on the same screen as 
    the mouse cursor.

Aside from those, it'd also be nice if wallpaper programs such as 
Esetroot could set only the screen the mouse cursor is on.  I 
don't really want a 1400x1050 wallpaper stretched or tiled to fit 
a 3200x1200 desktop.

Basically, I'd want it to behave almost exactly like Zaphod mode, 
with the exception that there is only one window manager, and 
windows can be dragged between screens.

Anyway, I'm back to multiple single-head machines now instead of 
one multi-head machine.  All I really need is x2x.  :)

-- Scott

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