Re: Dual-head with one head rotated?

> Maybe, or at least subscribed. My conclusion is that XRandR creates a
> new situations that we should investigate and then adapt code to it;
> so if you do not mind, could you help us figure at least one of those
> (multiple non overlapping and non matching screens, which could cover
> also L arrangements of 3 screens, etc)?

Agreed. My hacks to deal with rotation in a tablet are an example of
one of these situations created by XrandR.

> The other two I can think of are multiple screens with matching edges
> and different screens with overlapping areas (this one always makes me
> think how per monitor things will work, like colour correction, as the
> window appears twice). Any other case or better classification of the
> possible situations?

My thinkpad does this when I connect an external display. Head 1 and
Head 2 overlap
with different sizes! this means that the external display uses 1024x768 while
my laptop display is 1400x1050. It creates some weird situations for maximazing
but I am getting to like it: I can see the external display on my
laptop and at the
same time I have some spare space for other windows that are not shown
in the external display.



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