Re: Dual-head with one head rotated?

 Omen Wild twisted the bytes to say:

 Omen> Thanks for the idea, but that seems like a huge kludge.  It seems to me
 Omen> that sawfish should be able to figure that out by itself.  Another
 Omen> problem with the avoided window is that it will not keep the mouse from
 Omen> traveling into the dead space.  

I think it is just that nobody has programmed it ;) 

I think the places to look are:


I don't think it is too difficult to fix this, but it is not a trivial

 Omen> Am I the only person trying to run sawfish with mis-matched screens?

or who is bothered by it :)

Daniel M. German         
dmg (at) uvic (dot) ca
replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .

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