Re: Dual-head with one head rotated?

Scott Scriven wrote:
> For a while, I was using some dual-head systems and found it 
> didn't work very well with sawfish.  The main problem is that 
> sawfish treated it like a single, large display.  So, I set up 
> Xorg in Zaphod mode and ran two independent copies of sawfish.  
> It would have been nice to be able to move windows from one 
> display to the other, but that feature wasn't worth the 
> drawbacks.

I ran dual head sawfish for something like 5 years.  As long as you are
actually using Xinerama, it does treat your displays as separate
screens.  There used to be problems if you weren't running Xinerama, but
were using one of the proprietary drivers with their own Xinerama

I doubt all the proprietary implementations are created equal...  I
believe some tell the X server you literally have one big display (I
imagine that is/was useful for those high dpi monitors that required
multiple dvi connections?).  Others act like Xinerama and act report
exactly what physical heads you have.

I've been on a single headed laptop for over 2 years now, so my memory
may be fuzzy, but...

> It would be nice if...
>   - Sawfish treated all screen boundaries as window edges, so 
>     functions to move/resize would stop when they hit the screen 
>     edge.

This would be very nice.  IIRC, it was one of the annoyances I used to
complain about.

>   - Sawfish detected "center" placement requests and put them on 
>     the center of one screen instead of split halfway between two 
>     screens.

IIRC, this one works pretty well.  Every now and then there'd be a
program that wouldn't actually request center, but would try to center

>   - Sawfish had independent desktops and pagers for each screen, 
>     so one screen could change desktops without affecting the 
>     other.  Making everything on one screen "sticky" is not the 
>     same thing.

This would be half way between pre-xinerama multihead and modern
multihead.  I can see it being handy, and confusing (for some). :)

> Anyway, I'm back to multiple single-head machines now instead of 
> one multi-head machine.  All I really need is x2x.  :)

Multiple heads were more useful and popular when large displays weren't
reasonably priced.  Now it seems you can steal a 1920x1200 lcd panel for
a good bit under 300 bucks.  I fear I'd have to move my head too much to
use a pair of those monitors :).


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