Re: Gnome pager [WAS: Re: reviving sawfish development.]

On Jun 28, Allan Duncan wrote:
> Eli Barzilay wrote:
> > 
> > I like the pager to be at the bottom-right corner of the screen --
> > easy enough to create one of those corner panels and put it there.
> > But Gnome applications talk to each other more these days, and if
> > you happen to be weird enough to log onto the machine with two
> > different geometries (a large desktop screen, and a small VNC
> > session), you'll discover that the corner panel on the VNC session
> > makes the one on the desktop move to the same absolute place.
> What version of gnome was this?

A "recent" one.  (Translation: whatever comes with FC6, 2.16 I think.)
Actually, something happened on this today, finally:

> > I fought with this for too much time.  Switching to the sawfish
> > pager made me feel sane again.
> Does it dock with the panel?  I tried it with FC5 gnome (v 2.14) and
> it wouldn't - it had to sit on the desktop proper.

What's "it" -- the sawfish-pager?  It doesn't, but I don't care -- it
stays where I tell it to stay, it behaves like I want it to behave,
it has the same properties as the panel.  I'm happy.

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