Re: more documentation

Janek Kozicki writes:
> I see that you are generating the various formats from single source
> file. I think that it would be nice to have this documentation on the
> wiki... it means another format - a format that uses mediawiki syntax.
> How do you think - is it difficult to convert? A manual conversion
> would be a waste of time in case of new release (maybe a set of
> simple regex expressions will do)? Or maybe providing simply link on
> the wiki should be enough?
> We can check if uploading unchanged .html version will work. If it
> will work: then the problem is solved.

The HTML and Info formats are there because "makeinfo" can generate
them immediately.  The tool also supports DocBook and some sort of
"native" XML format.  Converting HTML -> MediaWiki is the approach
that's most likely to have a solution already.  Failing that, the
next-best approach is probably a custom XML -> MediaWiki converter.  I
don't know how much effort that would be.

However, getting the updated TeXinfo documentation into MediaWiki is
secondary to getting it into the Sawfish distribution itself.


Derek Upham
sand blarg net

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