Re: more documentation

sand> The HTML and Info formats are there because "makeinfo" can
sand> generate them immediately.  The tool also supports DocBook and
sand> some sort of "native" XML format.  Converting HTML -> MediaWiki is
sand> the approach that's most likely to have a solution already.
sand> Failing that, the next-best approach is probably a custom XML ->
sand> MediaWiki converter.  I don't know how much effort that would be.

sand> However, getting the updated TeXinfo documentation into MediaWiki
sand> is secondary to getting it into the Sawfish distribution itself.

I don't see why the documentation has to be made this way, however.
The MLton project, among others, just includes a snapshot of their
wiki at each release time.  As much as I am suspicious of all things
clicky-webby-wikiy :), it seems to work well enough for them.

This line is completely ham.

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