Re: sawfish version numbres of next releases.

On 7/2/07, GSR - FR <famrom infernal-iceberg com> wrote:
psyquark gmail com (2007-07-01 at 1251.35 -0400):
> This extension does not need to be done on the same X connection as
> the WM.  The first implementations, xcompmgr and glxcompmgr, were
> completely separate programs.  This means that the XComposite support
> can and should be developed first as a separate librep program+plugin.

xcompmgr was a proof of concept, last release was in 2005, also a bit
slow / cpu intensive with even a minimal 1pix blur shadow, and it has
some issues (root window going black and keeping old data, gtk1 apps
requiring tricks). What I have heard is that the prefered approach is
to combine with wm to reduce overhead and be more featureful.


Correct, I mentioned it to point out that initial development and
testing can be done without creating stability issues.  Killing the
compositing manager and closing its X connection will revert the X
server to the default non-compositing state.

And on my computer the root window goes to gray and one of my dockapps
bugs when xcompmgr is running but it runs fast enough.  Xcompmgr can
serve the singular purpose of testing if the user has a working
XComposite extension.  I am not sure that the Composite extension is
enabled by default.

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