Re: displaying the result of a shell command as window title strings

On Mon, Dec 10, 2007 at 07:16:50PM +0100, GSR - FR wrote:
> fetchinson googlemail com (2007-12-10 at 0952.53 -0800):
> > Hi, I grepped through both rep and sawfish but didn't find the
> > definitions of get-output-stream-string, call-process,
> > make-string-output-stream in lisp are these defined in the C source?
> Maybe, as I get them by firing up sawfish-client (or plain rep
> interpreter), typing some letters, then hitting TAB. ",desc
> call-process" gives some info (Tab also works once you have written
> ",desc "). They are described as "native".

Search through librep and sawfish .jl files to see how they are used.
Texinfo files in librep 'man' directory have some documentation
of these functions.


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