Re: displaying the result of a shell command as window title strings

fetchinson googlemail com (2007-12-10 at 0952.53 -0800):
> Hi, I grepped through both rep and sawfish but didn't find the
> definitions of get-output-stream-string, call-process,
> make-string-output-stream in lisp are these defined in the C source?

Maybe, as I get them by firing up sawfish-client (or plain rep
interpreter), typing some letters, then hitting TAB. ",desc
call-process" gives some info (Tab also works once you have written
",desc "). They are described as "native".
> BTW I didn't want to mess with PROMPT_COMMAND because that would
> modify all my bash prompts and not only the window title strings.

Bash prompts are PS1-4, PROMPT_COMMAND is a command to be executed
before printing the prompt (so it can change the PS1 var, or not, or
print text or do whatever it wants), so no idea why it has to change
the prompt. You can even set it conditionally, so it only does title
tricks in terminals with title (check the bash prompt howto and


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