Re: displaying the result of a shell command as window title strings

> > I'm looking for something
> > like current-time-string which apparently works.
> A result from that is apparently a string.
> > I know that ( system "/path/to/program" ) is valid
> But this is certainly not a string.
> > but $[system "/path/to/program"] doesn't
> > work for the title strings.
> Not that surprising.
> Look at functions like get-output-stream-string, call-process
> and make-string-output-stream.  OTOH have a peek into /etc/bashrc
> to see how bash is using PROMPT_COMMAND to modify a title of
> terminal window.  If you are thinking about windows of that sort
> that could be quite a bit simpler.

Hi, I grepped through both rep and sawfish but didn't find the
definitions of get-output-stream-string, call-process,
make-string-output-stream in lisp are these defined in the C source?

BTW I didn't want to mess with PROMPT_COMMAND because that would
modify all my bash prompts and not only the window title strings.


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