Re: Randomly Disappearing Windows

This is what I get for replying to messages while a strange window
manager is running.  I didn't reply to the list the first time :p.

Mario Domenech Goulart wrote:

>> Enter `,help' to list commands.
>> user> (get-window-by-id 0x1200003)
>> #<window 1200003>
>> PS: 0x1200003 (the window ID) is one of the information xwininfo can
>> give you.

An Eterm window disappeared on me today.  I can see it with xwininfo
-root -tree.

I can do:

(iconify-window (get-window-by-id 0xe2fbdd))
(uniconify-window (get-window-by-id 0xe2fbdd))

On a window that is currently visible and it works fine.

If I try to do a get-window-by-id on the missing window it returns ()...

I don't know if I mentioned that a sawfish-client restart does not bring
the window back.

For kicks I thought I would try switching window managers to see what
would happen, and I wish I just restarted sawfish...  After switching to
fluxbox the missing window no longer shows up in xwininfo.


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