Re: Randomly Disappearing Windows

Michal Maruška wrote:
> Pat Regan <thehead patshead com> writes:
>>  I seem to sometimes randomly lose windows. 
> ....
>> This bug report seems to describe the same problem:
>> Is anyone else having this same problem?
> I don't experience this bug, but during my hacking on Sawfish (I use a much
> modified version), i made an error in the lisp part, and triggered an error/bug
> in the C part, resulting in "disappearing windows".
> i reported & provided a patch in this email:

I was very hopeful that this would fix the problem :(.  I have another
interesting piece of information about the problem that I noticed this
time.  It was my gkrellm window that disappeared again (could have been
others, I may tend to leave random terminals open that I wouldn't miss

I can't seem to find a copy anywhere, but I use a slightly modified
version of some code that makes a window behave like the console from
Quake.  It drops down from off the top of the screen when you hit a key,
and runs back up when you hit it again.  If the window doesn't exist, it
opens a new copy.

As long as the process is still running, the quake.jl lisp will not open
a new gkrellm, but I cannot see it in the window list.  If I kill
gkrellm, and hit the quake key again a new copy opens right up.

I am quite lisp/functionally challenged, so my understanding of things
comes up a bit short, but I have (haphazardly) written a few little bits
of code that manipulate windows.  The quake lisp is originally passed w,
and it holds onto that to know which window to move about.

If that is the case, I assume this means that my windows still exist
somewhere that sawfish can see them.  My gkrellm window is unique in
that it is the only window I have that has another script keeping track
of it.

I am completely at a loss as to how to debug this.  I thought for sure
you were on the right track after I read the link you sent me, since I
know I lose windows when  mplayer used to crash.  This time I was able
to make wine crash so I could lose a window :).  Hopefully I can use
that to repeat it again.


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