Re: Randomly Disappearing Windows

Pat Regan <thehead patshead com> writes:

>  I seem to sometimes randomly lose windows. 

> This bug report seems to describe the same problem:
> Is anyone else having this same problem?

I don't experience this bug, but during my hacking on Sawfish (I use a much
modified version), i made an error in the lisp part, and triggered an error/bug
in the C part, resulting in "disappearing windows".

i reported & provided a patch in this email:

I explain once again, in more detail:

C code is provided a list A of windows.

It walks along the list, and (for each element it) operates on another list,
"stacking order".  If the list A contains the same window W in _sequence_, the
window will (in the end) be removed from the "stacking order" list.

As the "stacking order" is used for many operations, a window removed from that
list is removed from other lists, does not (re-)appear on workspace switch etc.

I don't claim, that this is the bug which you look after.

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