Randomly Disappearing Windows

I have been having this problem for quite a while, and I have no been
able to track down the source of the problem.  I seem to sometimes
randomly lose windows.  Most commonly I notice my gkrellm window is gone
when I come back to my machine after a few hours.  The process is still
running but I can find no sign of the window on the screen, or in the
window list.

I also sometimes lose a few windows if mplayer crashes.  Usually in that
case I tend to lose a few terminal windows, but not all of them.

I don't have any idea how to go about trying to find out what the bug
is.  I am currently running the latest package in Debian Unstable
(sawfish_1.3+cvs20050709-6_i386.deb).  I have been having this problem
for a very long time, and I wish I knew exactly what version I was
running before it started :(.

This bug report seems to describe the same problem:


Is anyone else having this same problem?



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