Re: Randomly Disappearing Windows

Pat Regan <thehead patshead com> writes:

> An Eterm window disappeared on me today.  I can see it with xwininfo
> -root -tree.

> If I try to do a get-window-by-id on the missing window it returns ()...

In recent versions Sawfish changed its handling of "unmapped" windows: It
ignores them completely, you cannot even get-window-by-id them.

> I don't know if I mentioned that a sawfish-client restart does not bring
> the window back.

Indeed, once the window is unmapped (and I/we suspect it's Sawfish to unmap them
somehow), there is "nobody" why tries to remap them back (you might probably write
a utility to do it, though).

So, somebody should find a bug in Sawfish, where it unmaps a client window and
thinks that it was the client who requested the unmap. I once tried to see, if
window ID recycling could cause problems but I didn't finish it.

So, you should read src/events.c and think about all (time) possibilities...

I wish I could recommend you my modification of sawfish ...

... but it's currently half-done revision of many parts. I currently work
on removing flicker(ing) in some types of applications, so I don't hurry
finishing my sawfish experiments.

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