Re: The sound of silence :-(

On Sunday 18 January 2004 11:33 pm, geoff cs hmc edu wrote:
> > It's awsome having a key binding that will launch, or switch to the
> > app if it's already running. You can also have it do whatever neat
> > thing you can think of if the app is already running and focused.
> > Very fast.
> Unfortunately, that doesn't work as well when you have 8 or 9 xterms
> and a couple of copies of emacs that you switch among on a regular
> basis.  I don't even have enough keys to bind to all the stuff I keep
> active on a regular basis.
> So back to the question: can sawfish support an always-up menu?  Or
> do I have to find the time to hack the source?

Sorry, I don't know the answer to your question.

Here are some more alternate ideas :)

1) I assume you have many xterms that are always running the same 
program. You can give the xterm a title string so that you can 
differentiate between them.

2) grouping might help as well

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