Re: The sound of silence :-(

On Friday 16 January 2004 08:48 pm, geoff cs hmc edu wrote:
> One question I asked a long while ago, which never got answered, is
> how to create a menu that's permanently visible.  I was very fond of
> the TWM icon manager, which gave me a list of all window names that I
> could click to iconify or uniconify.  I'd like to duplicate that
> feature, but haven't figured out how to do a permanent menu (my time
> for learning is unfortunately very limited).
> It was especially cool because pointing at a window name would focus
> there.  I kept it at the edge of the screen, and 99% of the time my
> mouse lived there.  Combined with autoraise, I could zip between
> windows way faster than I can with sawfish.

I highly recommend you use a sawfish extension such as jump-or-exec 
(available on the wiki library). I also use gnome with sawfish so I can 
keep an eye on each workspace's state. I hardly ever click on anything 
in the task bar though. 

It's awsome having a key binding that will launch, or switch to the app 
if it's already running. You can also have it do whatever neat thing 
you can think of if the app is already running and focused. Very fast.


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