Re: [sabayon] UI change? Manditory vs. Default

On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 11:08:45AM -0600, Scott Balneaves wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've elected to stand in for
> the entire "everything turns into defaults and not mandatory where applied"
> bug.

heh, so, just out of curiosity, I added a background image to a profile, and
then went into changes, and changed it from Gold (Mandatory) to
Silver/Grey/Pewter/Solder/Whatever (defaults).

Look what shows up in my zipfile?

  0  2009-12-17 22:03 .gconf.xml.defaults/desktop/gnome/accessibility/%gconf.xml
  0  2009-12-17 22:03 .gconf.xml.defaults/desktop/gnome/%gconf.xml
  0  2009-12-17 22:03 .gconf.xml.defaults/desktop/gnome/applications/%gconf.xml
263  2009-12-17 22:05 .gconf.xml.defaults/desktop/gnome/applications/window_manager/%gconf.xml
  0  2009-12-17 22:05 .gconf.xml.mandatory/desktop/%gconf.xml
180  2009-12-17 22:05 .gconf.xml.mandatory/desktop/gnome/background/%gconf.xml
  0  2009-12-17 22:05 .gconf.xml.mandatory/desktop/gnome/%gconf.xml

Ahhh, the old "Binary Inversion Trick", eh?

Or, maybe we've had it wrong all along, and Gold *ISN'T* mandatory!

Either way, the CODE works, but the UI's less than clear.

Muahahaha, I'll fix *that* up.


Scott L. Balneaves | When one burns one's bridges,
Systems Department | what a very nice fire it makes.
Legal Aid Manitoba |     -- Dylan Thomas

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