[sabayon] UI change? Manditory vs. Default

Hello all,

I've elected https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=356478 to stand in for
the entire "everything turns into defaults and not mandatory where applied"

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but:

If we've elected to mark a gconf key as MANDATORY, it should show up in
$(HOME)/.gconf.path.mandatory, whereas DEFAULT gconf keys (meaning default
values if one isn't set, but changeable after) should be in

Currently, sabayon appears to be dumping everything in .defaults, meaning you
only show up with the profile you expect if you clean out current gconf keys.
Mandatory keys SHOULD override.

So, I can fix that, but a couple of people have commented, and I concurr
completely that the "Gold Shield/Sliver Shield" method for marking things
Mandatory/Default is.... somewhat non intuitive.

I think it was changed from the "Mandatory" checkbox that it was before
because, once again, if "Mandatory" isn't checked, you have to KNOW that means
it's default.  Again, not very intuitive.

So, in the interests of making the UI easier to understand, I'd like to propose
the following:

Ignore   Mandatory  Default   Key
  []       (*)       ( )      Blah

So, we have the "Ignore" checkbox (to ignore the key entirely), and a
horizontal radio button that sets Mandatory XOR Default.

We should, one expects, default all keys to Mandatory, as this will be the
"expected behavior" for anyone creating a profile, but who doesn't go into that
section of the UI to see the keys created.

Comments?  Questions?

Scott L. Balneaves | "There are many causes I am prepared to die for,
Systems Department | but no causes I am prepared to kill for."
Legal Aid Manitoba |     -- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

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