Re: [sabayon] =?windows-1251?q?=5BPatch_Nag=5D_Bug_346890_=96_Please?= =?windows-1251?q?=09update_to_latest_Pessulus_tree?=

El mar, 23-01-2007 a las 13:13 +0530, Sayamindu Dasgupta escribi�> Maybe have a seperate Python executable which launches Pessulus on its
> own (it's the same as the thing being done in the existing Pessulus
> tree).

Yeah, sounds right.

> > Who wants to take care of this? :)
> Me :-)
> (Once I get back home at India, since I don't have very stable
> Internet access here at Indonesia)
> I'll also probably poke the sysadmins once more for an SVN account.

Excellent.  You are the man :)


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