Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] FW: FW: plugin does not ask for username/password


Hopefully I can clear up the authorisation process for you a little
bit. But unfortunately my answer is still that I don't know why it
isn't working for you :(

> If I cut and paste
> ..into Opera manually, asks for my username and password and asks me to authorize the rhythmbox application.
> If I stay logged in to in Opera, the rhythmbox plugin does not recognize I am authorized.

And according to rhythmbox's output, it's not that rhythmbox is
failing to notice that it has been authorised, but it's that rhythmbox
is repeatedly checking and being told that it is not authorised. So
I'm not sure what's going on, sorry, but I don't think it's
rhythmbox's fault.

> Sorry if I'm being dense, but I'm thinking I'm missing a gconf key somewhere that connects to opera?

Quite possibly the case for automatically opening that url in opera.
We use the gtk_show_uri() function-I don't know how it works
internally and I don't know how to get it to work without using gnome.

> BTW, banshee shows a similar problem - it asks for my username, but gets stuck there...

Presumably it fails to pop open a browser window for the same reason
rhythmbox does. I have no idea why they ask you for your username. I
can't see how they'd use it. And I'd guess it's possible to enter one
username in to banshee, but sign in in your browser with a different
one... which wouldn't be good...

(If you're interested why:
documents the authorisation process. Part 4 of that, auth.getSession,
is the point at which we keep being told that we're not authorised. If
you look at it shows that
a successful response would contain the username. That's the first
time that the app can know which username the user has signed in to with, since they could use any username in their browser.)

Trying to get gtk_show_uri to work in your environment might be
worthwhile, even if it wont fix the problem. There's probably a
different mailing list which can help you with that. In the meantime,
if you run banshee from a terminal does it output the url that it
tries to send you to? (If not, can you edit the source to make it?).
Then try manually opening the link in opera and see if the
authorisation succeeds for banshee. It's maybe worthwhile trying yet
another application to see if it works, I don't know which others use
the web authentication though. Maybe try with a different
username and see if that works too?

Hope that helps


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