Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Segmentation fault (core dump) when attempting to do a python query

I've updated the bug-report.

FYI - this is a 64bit vs 32bit issue - with the twist that 64bit works correctly and 32bit doesn't

Looks like 32bit rhythmbox users will not be able to run any plugins that query the rhythmbox database until this issue is resolved :((


On 21 August 2012 10:03, David Mohammed <davidmohammed gmail com> wrote:
Thanks Jonathan,
  I've filed a bugzilla report with a stacktrace:


On 20 August 2012 13:40, Jonathan Matthew <jonathan d14n org> wrote:
Hi David,

On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 6:48 AM, David Mohammed <davidmohammed gmail com> wrote:
> I've spent a frustrating weekend trying to get a simple python query to work
> in both v2.96 (Ubuntu 12.04) and v2.97 (Ubuntu 12.04 + WebUpd8 PPA)
> I've also tried reloading 12.04 from scratch, updating and then repeating
> the following - but with the same results
> Anybody have any ideas on how to debug this further?

File a bug in GNOME bugzilla and include a full stack trace (see for how to do this).

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