Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] FW: FW: plugin does not ask for username/password

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> From: Jamie Nicol [mailto:jamie thenicols net]
> Sent: Saturday, 01 September, 2012 17:32
> To: John Frankish
> Cc: rhythmbox-devel gnome org
> Subject: Re: FW: [Rhythmbox-devel] FW: plugin does not ask for
> username/password
> Sorry, I completely forgot to follow up on this when you asked what I meant
> in my last email! But you seem to have worked it out :)
> >> In plugins/audioscrobbler/rb-audioscrobbler-account.c, in
> >> got_session_key_cb (), try printing the entire return message from
> >> to see if maybe it's being parsed wrong, ie "rb_debug
> >> (msg->response_body-
> >> >data);".
> >
> > See attached output - it doesn't seem to move us forwards :(
> :( indeed. It seems we're doing everything correctly: we ask for the session.
> they respond with an error saying we haven't been authorised yet, so we
> wait a wee while then try again. If you have indeed manually followed the
> link from the output (because you're not getting automatically sent there),
> logged in, and clicked authorise, then I'm pretty certain the problem must be
> on's end.
> Perhaps you could try clearing your browser settings, logging out, logging in
> with another application (banshee?). I'm clutching at straws here, but it's all I
> can think of. Sorry.
Looking at these lines:

$ rhythmbox -d
(17:27:08) [0x8649140] [rb_audioscrobbler_should_handshake] rb-audioscrobbler.c:841: No username set
 (17:27:17) [0x8649140] [got_token_cb] rb-audioscrobbler-account.c:561: granted auth token "3701984e30a6d78f184609a4fae42bf8"
(17:27:17) [0x8649140] [got_token_cb] rb-audioscrobbler-account.c:568: sending user to
(17:27:19) [0x8649140] [actually_hide_controls] rb-visualizer-plugin.c:801: hiding controls
(17:27:23) [0x8649140] [request_session_key_timeout_cb] rb-audioscrobbler-account.c:627: requesting session key
(17:27:23) [0x8649140] [got_session_key_cb] rb-audioscrobbler-account.c:649: {"error":14,"message":"This token has not been authorized"}

Rhythmbox has not asked me (via browser popup?) for a username, so what username is it sending to

I presume rhythmbox follows gconf keys to open a browser popup (I use opera), but which keys does it follow?

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