Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Remote Control

>> Just wondering if there is a way to remotely control Rhythmbox with an
>> Android phone.  Something similar to the Apple Remote for the Iphone.  My
>> wife has that installed on her iPhone and is able to control all the music
>> on her computer via her phone she can control Itunes volume, play music on
>> the computer, stream music on the computer, and is also able to play the
>> music on her phone too.
> We were talking about this recently in the following thread:
> The Apple Remote software on the iPod/iPad uses the DACP protocol
> to control an iTunes server. This is related to the iTunes DAAP protocol
> for streaming music to/from iTunes. Alexandre was working on support
> DACP in RB as a Google Summer of Code project this year. I'm not
> clear how much of this work is already included with Rhythmbox:

As he has explained, Alexandre's Google Summer of Code effort focused
on two things: Rhythmbox and libdmapsharing. All of his libdmapsharing
work was merged (I am the maintainer of libdmapsharing) and is available
in libdmapsharing 2.1+. The Rhythmbox side of his work is available at, along with comments
from Alexandre, Jonathan Matthew and me.

> Note that Apple changed some things in v2 of their Remote application,
> and I understand that on the iPad it now requires "Home Sharing" support.

Yes, and as a result, the Rhythmbox code mentioned above does not
work. Furthermore, DACP work has come to a standstill because neither
Alexandre nor I have time to continue work in the face of these
major(?) changes (we had anticipated only small changes being required
this fall). What we need is someone to step up and continue the effort
that Alexandre began over the summer. He did a lot of good work and I
would like to see DACP support completed.

> There are probably several Android apps with DACP/DAAP support
> for controlling/streaming iTunes (or a 3rd party server which supports
> these protocols). I don't have an Android device so have no suggestions.



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