Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Remote Control

On Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 9:56 PM, W. Michael Petullo <mike flyn org> wrote:
> As he has explained, Alexandre's Google Summer of Code effort focused
> on two things: Rhythmbox and libdmapsharing. All of his libdmapsharing
> work was merged (I am the maintainer of libdmapsharing) and is available
> in libdmapsharing 2.1+. The Rhythmbox side of his work is available at
>, along with comments
> from Alexandre, Jonathan Matthew and me.
>> Note that Apple changed some things in v2 of their Remote application,
>> and I understand that on the iPad it now requires "Home Sharing" support.
> Yes, and as a result, the Rhythmbox code mentioned above does not
> work. Furthermore, DACP work has come to a standstill because neither
> Alexandre nor I have time to continue work in the face of these
> major(?) changes (we had anticipated only small changes being required
> this fall). What we need is someone to step up and continue the effort
> that Alexandre began over the summer. He did a lot of good work and I
> would like to see DACP support completed.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the clarification. I'd like to try Alex's DACP support code.

I started by trying to build libdmapsharing from source (from git), and
have a couple of small suggestions - I hope the RB folk don't mind
me using their mailing list, since it is related.

Please add a .gitignore file which should cover *.o and *.lo at least,
plus all the files you expect to be automatically generated.

Could you update the INSTALL file to mention running ./
if the configure file isn't there? Perhaps a section for compiling
from git rather than a release tarball would help... I guess this is
less usual [This point applies to RB too by the way].

Having installed libdmapsharing using --prefix=$HOME I now
need to work out how to get RB to detect it at configure time...

$ ./configure --prefix=$HOME --enable-daap
checking for DMAPSHARING... no
configure: error: DAAP support explicitly requested, but
libdmapsharing couldn't be found

It is getting late here, so I will return to this another day.



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