Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Remote Control

On Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 9:56 PM, W. Michael Petullo <mike flyn org> wrote:
>Peter wrote:
>> Note that Apple changed some things in v2 of their Remote application,
>> and I understand that on the iPad it now requires "Home Sharing" support.
> Yes, and as a result, the Rhythmbox code mentioned above does not
> work. Furthermore, DACP work has come to a standstill because neither
> Alexandre nor I have time to continue work in the face of these
> major(?) changes (we had anticipated only small changes being required
> this fall). What we need is someone to step up and continue the effort
> that Alexandre began over the summer. He did a lot of good work and I
> would like to see DACP support completed.

Hi Michael,

Here is a one byte change to libdmapsharing which allows the Rhythmbox
DAAP/DACP plugin to work with Apple Remote v2.0.1 (229) on an iPod
touch (and probably an iPhone, but maybe not on an iPad):

diff --git a/libdmapsharing/daap-share.c b/libdmapsharing/daap-share.c
index 2120632..05925fe 100644
--- a/libdmapsharing/daap-share.c
+++ b/libdmapsharing/daap-share.c
@@ -287,7 +287,7 @@ daap_share_server_info (DMAPShare *share,
        dmap_structure_add (msrv, DMAP_CC_MSLR, 0);
        dmap_structure_add (msrv, DMAP_CC_MSTM, (gint32) DAAP_TIMEOUT);
        dmap_structure_add (msrv, DMAP_CC_MSAL, (gchar) 0);
-       dmap_structure_add (msrv, DMAP_CC_MSUP, (gchar) 0);
+       dmap_structure_add (msrv, DMAP_CC_MSUP, (gchar) 1);
        dmap_structure_add (msrv, DMAP_CC_MSPI, (gchar) 0);
        dmap_structure_add (msrv, DMAP_CC_MSEX, (gchar) 0);
        dmap_structure_add (msrv, DMAP_CC_MSBR, (gchar) 0);

All this does is change the server information sent to the remote to
say it does support DMAP updates (dmap.supportsupdate aka field
msup). This is based on the following patch by Kai Elwert for
another DMAP/DAAP/DACP server, forked-daapd:;a=commit;h=ee7b976eeb2851c7837d7ea4e90f4a02563c7037



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